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About us

CerpMed Centro Studi e Ricerche sulle Relazioni Pubbliche nel Mediterraneo is a non-profit association. Taking its cue from European policy lines and with reference to the need to strengthen the Mediterranean area towards a process that increases the economic development of the area, CerpMed aims to analyse and stimulate the development of public relations as a strategic lever in the economic growth of the Mediterranean basin.

Amanda Jane Succi

CerpMed President

She graduated in Economics and Business and specialised in Public Relations in London. She is a consultant and expert in corporate and institutional communication. Founder and owner of the company AJS Connection srl – Public Relations and Corporate Communication operating since 1995. Founder member and President of CERPMED – Centre for Studies and Research on Public Relations in the Mediterranean.

He organised several editions of the MedCom Euro-Mediterranean Symposium on Public Relations, hosting speakers from 12 Mediterranean countries. In 2020, it launches the MedCom Forum – Mediterranean Economic Forum, focusing first and foremost on the topic of transport. This year, with the first edition of MedCom Forum in Health, it considers it necessary to address the sensitive topic of infectious diseases by broadening the view to the Mediterranean context.

Member of Ferpi – Italian Public Relations Federation, for which he held the positions of Vice-President, member of the National Executive Council, Delegate for International Relations, Delegate for the Sicily Region. Socio professionista del CIPR – Chartered Institute for Public Relations (Regno Unito). Secretary General of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management from 2009-2011.

Vittorio Pianese

CerpMed Vice-President

Lawyer. President of S.P.E.R.O. s.r.l., which belongs to the TEAMNETWORK S.p.A. Group.
He is a Member of the Board of Confindustria Siracusa, Member of the Board of Arbitrators of Confindustria Sicilia in Palermo, Deputy Chairman of the Mediterranean Public Relations Research Centre (CERRPMED) based in Catania. Member of the Solidarity Committee for victims of extortion and usury in Rome at the Ministry of the Interior since 2006.

He was External Relations Manager at the Augusta Refinery. Government Relations Activities External Relations Activities until 2001; President of the Association of Industrialists of Syracuse; Founder in 1994 of CO.SVI.S. S.p.A.; Vice President of Confindustria Sicilia; Member of the Board of Confindustria in Rome; Expert at the C.N.E.L. socio-economic observatory on crime.

Giovanni Iozzia

Head of Media Relations CerpMed

Professional journalist. Degree in Philosophy from the University of Catania. He started his activity with the newspaper ‘La Sicilia’, continuing also with ‘Espresso Sera’ and ‘Giornale di Sicilia’. He directed the news programme of the TV station TRA-Prima TV for years.

Numerous collaborations with other local and national newspapers, television and private radio stations. He has been press secretary and spokesman for several important politicians. He has written several essays on politics and literature as well as a short novel.

Giulia Pigliucci

Twenty-seven years in Public Relations, thanks to which he acquired an in-depth knowledge of the Third Sector and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). Excellent knowledge of the Italian press landscape and the market of service providers in the press, advertising and event organisation.

Experience in start-up Public Relations companies, leading communication projects, selling complex projects and creating and coordinating teams. FERPI National Councillor for the Non-profit Relations Table and Vice President of the Lazio Delegation UCSI – Unione Cattolica Stampa Italiana.

CerpMed’s activities:

MedCom Forum – Forum Economico del Mediterraneo
MedCom Mediterranean Economic Forum aims to address various economic issues by focusing not simply on the value of a single area, but on the potential of the area as a whole.

It seems useful to stimulate a comparison on the development dynamics of the Mediterranean region by analysing the different economic sectors individually. A Forum as a tool for reflecting actions to be shared with institutional, entrepreneurial and academic players operating in the Mediterranean.

MedCom – Simposio Euro-Mediterraneo sulla Comunicazione
MedCom Symposium is an event dedicated to communicators and public speakers from the Mediterranean area, which focuses on issues related to economic development, the strengthening of socio-cultural exchanges and intercultural dialogue with the aim of positively influencing the geo-economic dynamics of the Euro-Mediterranean area.

Research projects on the development of public relations in some countries in the region.
Organisation of meetings on social and geopolitical scenarios in the Mediterranean area



Event date
18 -19 May 2023

Event venue
Aula Magna Giancarlo De Carlo
University of Catania
Piazza Dante – Catania